Empowering UHNW individuals and families with the prowess to foster financial and personal prosperity.

Belman Partners is an independent multi-family office based in London and Paris, catering to the exclusive financial requirements of ultra-high and high net-worth individuals and families based around the European continent.

Our Story

With over 25 years of managing the wealth of clients across Europe, we remain firmly devoted to orchestrating unparalleled advisory services while yielding results that transcend beyond conventional notions of affluence. Our firm has also established an additional branch in Paris, effectively maximising our outreach and providing new and interesting opportunities while continuing to provide our signature exceptional family office services.

Our team of seasoned investment professionals and global network of expert advisors bring an extensive range of skill sets to bear on every transaction. We provide asset owners with the highest quality services available through utilising tailored solutions backed by interdisciplinary expertise, transparency and customised research.

Our exceptional client services emphasise four objectives: asset management, strategic investment, tax advisory and retirement planning.


Our bespoke financial advisory solutions are developed and implemented with an exclusive focus on achieving lasting wealth for future generations. Enduring loyalty to our clients motivates us to utilise all available resources towards constructing the most intelligent financial strategies possible.

Belman Partner’s experienced financial advisors encourage clients to take interest in modern investment ventures while advising them regarding beneficial financial decisions. We establish long-term financial stability and preservation by diversifying investment portfolios through a seamless and supportive investment process. We are constantly searching for appropriate investors to advise and collaborate with that will allow us to efficiently expand our firm and its global network of connections.


Contact Belman Partners for more information on our services and to receive a personalised wealth management proposal.

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