Weekend reading: how to get time on your side

What caught my eye this week.

Time is something you can never have enough of when you’re compounding your way to financial freedom.

That’s because the big payoff from compound interest is back loaded.

In the early years, how much you can save from your income matters most.

But later on, your gains on money already socked away is usually what makes the biggest difference.

A return of say 10% on a near-retirement pot of £1,000,000 is an awful lot more than 10% on your first year’s savings of £5,000.

It’s £100,000 versus £500, to be precise about it.

Clearly the longer you can compound your money for, the better.

Unfortunately we can’t go back in time to begin earlier – the age-old lament of savers when compound interest first ‘clicks’ for them.

But in a novel post at On Dollars and Data, Nick Maggiulli suggests finding a few extra years further down the line as a way of boosting your returns:

How exactly?

According to the data, the answer is…exercise.

Exercising regularly to improve your strength and your cardiovascular health is the most effective way to increase how much time left you have on this Earth, all else equal.

I agree that personal fitness is an under-appreciated part of the game we’re all playing.

Few people would be happy to retire to fewer years than they might have enjoyed if they’d stayed in shape, or with not being able to do as much as they’d like due to physical limitations.

Not if they can help it, anyway. And Nick does his usual great job of marshaling the numbers to show that many of us can indeed help ourselves.

A solid exercise habit can be expected to add three to five years to your life, he finds.

Good, but even better getting fits means an additional six to eight years of your later years might be healthy – compared to if you’d done nothing.

Nick says:

You don’t need stress yourself out trying to save every penny. Instead, you exercise more, reduce your stress, and extend your life. This is a non-financial solution to a financial problem.

And while it might seem unorthodox, for those that are having trouble saving more, it might be the best option available.

Check out the full post, and then get moving!

Have a great weekend.

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And finally…

“That was leadership, it was doing the right thing, it was duty, it set an example.”
– Archbishop of Canterbury’s praise for The Queen at her husband’s funeral

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Get healthy to make more time to make more money. Plus the rest of the week’s good reads…
The post Weekend reading: how to get time on your side appeared first on Monevator.

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