Weekend reading: Think first if a windfall flies into your life

What caught my eye this week.

A lot of people daydream about what they’d buy if they won the lottery. This chance to fantasize is probably the most tangible benefit of a lottery ticket.

Not me, though.

I appreciate this is almost-too on-brand – but I daydream about how I’d invest it.

I’ve told friends and family they wouldn’t even know if I won the lottery. I’d simply scale up my investing, and maybe slack off the little paid work I still do.

Eventually they’d see me spending more – hopefully on experiences we can share, as much as mere ‘stuff’. But nobody would know it wasn’t just from my portfolio finally paying off.

Nope, as a closet/Bohemian investor for decades, a run-of-the-mill lottery jackpot (low seven-figures say) would first just make for some chunky extra entries in my return-tracking spreadsheet.

In it to win it

Perhaps you think this is desperately sad?

Fair enough. But do consider the surprisingly terrible track record of lottery wins ruining lives.

Against that danger, I believe my strategy of turbo-charging my existing way of life with an extra million or two – rather than racing to build a hot tub on my shed or to buy a pet tiger – has psychological merits as well as financial ones.

Indeed, you should be careful what you do if you receive a windfall of any size.

That’s because a significant lump sum has the potential to compound meaningfully for the rest of your life – with all that possibility for more freedom and independence – while at the same time a big windfall can easily implode your current cozy way of life like a fiery meteor landing in your living room. Upsetting all your arrangements and generally freaking you out!

Anyone who gets a big lump sum out of the blue has had one of life’s luckiest financial breaks.

But it can cause – and may come with – mental issues that need to be worked through, from guilt at sudden wealth, to sadness about where the money came from (the death of a parent or spouse, for instance).

It could be you

For these reasons, Advisor Perspectives this week also urged doing nothing fast if you’re fortunate enough to get a windfall:

Whatever the situation, I always tell clients who receive a windfall to do nothing for an entire week. Absolutely nothing. They must give themselves time for the reality of their new circumstances to settle in.

That’s because windfalls are usually the result of something that has happened. And that, in turn, can trigger our emotions.

Stepping away from the fray and doing nothing is underrated in many areas of investing. This is another one.

Now you might think that as a regular Monevator reader you’d be a rational Vulcan if a life-changing lump of dough was suddenly bunged into your financial oven.

And perhaps you would be, long-term.

But in the short-term we’re emotional creatures. Which can make you temporarily crazy. And once you go the wrong way, things can escalate.

So let’s have some fun…what would you do if you won a million pounds?

Buy a boat? Abandon a life of frugality and speed past the Jones’s? Start betting on risky growth stocks to aim for ten million? Spread the lot across a dozen (FSCS-protected!) bank accounts to ensure you were set for life, at least if you ignore inflation?

Share your fantasies in the comments below. And have a great weekend.

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And finally…

“Stock prices express the collective expectations of investors, and changes in those expectations determine investing success.”
– Michael Mauboussin, Expectations Investing

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What would you do if you won the lottery? Plus the week’s good reads…
The post Weekend reading: Think first if a windfall flies into your life appeared first on Monevator.

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